How to Order You desired product Form Us?


  1. Find You desired product form any UK Online Shop or UK Retail Shop
  2. Fulfil the order you item from  (Online From)
  3. Give us 5 working days to look up your product
  4. When you see your product our shop buy from there use you easy payment method.



Delivery System


  1. After you Order We delivery to your product our warehouse in Dhaka.
  2. We send product Dhaka to any Town in Bangladesh .
  3. You can collect or we can delivery you nearest courier service. ( Jononi courier service) .
  4. We Use Receiver pay courier service fee method.
  5. We don’t pay any courier service fee in country. You have to pay the courier fee. You pay and collect Product form courier.
  6. Click and Collect is Free. (From Savar Dhaka only)


Enjoy Your Product.  If any question please email us